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    Transformative Visualizations to Navigate Transitions, Connect with Meaning, Passion, and Purpose in your Life & Enrich Your Relationship with Yourself & Others

  • This service can support you with:


    CLARITY: Making Empowered Choices during Confusing Transitions or Cross roads


    PURPOSE: Igniting your Passion & Engaging in Meaningful work


    RELATIONSHIPS: Strengthening Self-Acceptance & Harmonious Connection with others


    MOVING FORWARD: Healing after a Break-Up and Grieving recent losses


    CONFIDENCE: Facing Fears and Overcoming Blocks to Fullest Self-Expression


    PERSONAL POWER: Dismantling Unproductive Patterns and Limiting Beliefs



    Are you feeling...

    Unsatisfied, impatient, heart-broken, confused, conflicted, unsure, hard on yourself, or ready for MORE?


    Do you long for...

    Clarity, Confidence, Results, Radiance, Self-Expression, Abundance, Ease, and overall WELL-BEING?


    This process can help...

    Support you with navigating life's tricky terrain and experience the Inner Peace and Freedom that awaits you!

  • Are you facing a Time of Transition?

    What if you could consult your Inner Guidance System and navigate your time of uncertainty with confidence and ease?

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    During our sessions, we use a process of guided and co-creative visualization and meditation to draw you into a deep place of self inquiry and exploration.
    The sessions set up a container for you to comfortably explore aspects of yourself and connect to your core truth and internal resources. This is achieved through going beneath the mind's usual chatter of "good/bad" "pros/cons" "right/wrong" and accessing the layers of latent inner wisdom that are often underutilized.
    The premise of our work is that you are the "Hero/Heroine" of your own journey and that we can utilize both your imagination and your intuition to harness the power of your inner landscape to shift your circumstances and your experience of your outer reality.
    copyright: Jeanine Cerundolo


    Drawn from the Jungian-inspired model of "Part Theory" (frameworks that posit that we various internal "Parts" within our psyche), the Mythological Immersion externalizes the voices within you. These voices can belong to parts such as your "Inner Child," "Inner Critic," & "Inner Mentor," for example, and are often running on auto-pilot without the light of our awareness. 
    This unique process helps you to observe the nature of your inner dialogue and reconstruct it to work beneficially for your highest good. These parts within us can often be in conflict with each other when left unattended, so the Immersion helps to keep them from battling, and instead places them on the same team- your team.
    copyright: Jeanine Cerundolo

    Live and Love Deeply

    Often it is our fears and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and cause strife when we face a fork in the road.
    When we take the time to nourish our connection with our built-in inner compass, we find more clarity and direction, coupled with a sense of ease.
    As our relationship to our SELF deepens, our lives become richer in our expanded capacity to give and receive love.
    The Immersion can help you to uncover what you are truly here to do, and who you are here to be. It allows you to open to receiving the gifts all around you, as well as within you.
    Initial Session available as an individual taster session.
    The full Power Program is delivered over a series of months.

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  • Take a Transformational Deep Inner Dive to Explore Your Core Archetypes & Make Them Your Best Allies


    If you want to connect to your deepest aspirations and dive inward to release what's in your way, then this work is for you.

    Madeline Blue Schussel: Actress.

    Jeanine offers a guided meditation that changed my life, both internally and externally. Her work cuts to the core of my attachments and allows me to envision and embody what it’s like to be truly free of them. Her ability to get up close and personal with me and the people I carry with me is astounding, and when she reflects back to me and helps me shift my potent world of relationships and beliefs, simply put: healing happens” 

    Chelsea Castner: Founder of "Just ask Y"

    “Jeanine’s guided meditation led me to the root of the emotional pain I was holding onto from a past relationship. Her calming voice and reassuring words led me through the healing process of forgiving, accepting and letting go. I was amazed that in such a short time she could help me see and feel so free. And a week later I met an amazing man on a park bench and I knew I was ready to welcome him into my life.”  *(Note: They are now engaged!)

    Stacie Velehradsky, Founder of the "Live Big Summit"

    “Jeanine guided me through a meditation where I explored fears that I have harbored deep inside my soul for a long time. The meditation she led allowed me the safe, happy place I needed to overcome my fears and move on with my life. The result is that I am now able to make decisions with clarity and direction, rather than fear; which has led to higher productivity in my everyday life and in my business. Jeanine has a gift that needs to be shared with the world!” 

    Pavel Reppo, Founder of the "Wayfaring Band"

    "Jeanine’s guided meditation is emphatically refreshing, revealing, and uplifting. Time and time again she offers a fertile space for me to call on my inner strength, courage, and fortitude in the face of fear, apprehension, and limitation. She intuitively crafts responses that resonate with my core of what I need to hear, rather than what I want to hear. She is an incredible listener and is able to provide tactful and caring responses that penetrate walls I didn’t know were there. Above all, she is truly there for me."

    Priscilla Muñoz, Founder of “Creative Genius”

    “After being informed of my partner’s passing, I didn’t know how to cope with the physical loss. Feelings, sensations, and thoughts arose in my mind and I didn’t know where I could go to safely express them. Jeanine created a safe, comforting space and guided meditation for me to express and connect with my current experience. With her support, I was able to grieve in alignment with my core values and beliefs. I now feel grateful, loved, and awake to the process for continued healing. Jeanine holds the heart and hands of a healer, listener, and guide for people to tap into their deepest wounds, desires, and truths. She is simply amazing, and I know with her support and guidance, you will receive a gift that lasts a lifetime.”

  • READY TO "SAY YES" to what's POSSIBLE?

    The Mythological Immersion helps you to cultivate the following:

    • Clarity and direction regarding your life's purpose and direction
    • Sense of freedom and possibility
    • Greater connection with loved ones
    • Compassion, understanding and freedom in previously difficult relationships
    • Increased sense of appreciation for what ALREADY IS
    • Letting go of what no longer serves and inviting in the New
    • Confidence in relying on your own "Inner GPS"
    • Renewed passion, zest, and vitality
    • Empowerment - saying YES to your highest and deepest state of well-being


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    Mythological Immersion is created and led by: Jeanine Cerundolo

    Jeanine Cerundolo is a personal development coach (for individuals and groups), and a Kripalu certified yoga instructor who lives in New York City. She is trained in group facilitation and holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is passionate about supporting others in their personal & professional growth and development and believes that much lasting change in our world begins from the inside out.

    It is Jeanine's philosophy that we are already whole and complete, but also always on a path of evolution and growth. The mythological immersion process is built to crystallize your own capacity to become the deepest and highest version of yourself and then to enjoy the subsequent unfolding of your journey.

    With an empathic guide who can help hold the container for this vital dialogue, you can uncover dormant parts of yourself and live with more presence, purpose, ease, and enthusiasm. Jeanine's mission is to be a supportive force to ask the right questions, evoke your own inner knowing, and reflect back to you the wisdom you didn’t know you already knew.


    Yoga and meditation have been the vital tools shaping Jeanine's approach to life as one filled with an abundant sense of purpose, grace, and ease. She supports others in living out their deeper callings in life and to experience a sense of peace and connection in their relationship to themselves and others. In her free time, she enjoys walking in the parks of New York City, writing and performing poetry, dancing salsa and tango, and sharing quality time with friends.


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